Long Wig Summer Styles

JULY 6th, 2021

Summer started off slowly but here we are, right in the middle of one humid heat wave after the next. The clinging heat makes our skin hypersensitive, it makes the touch of fabric uncomfortable and the feeling of wigs hairs against the back of your neck feel like a heavy quilt. It’s enough to make anyone want to chop it all off but let’s be honest with what we really want. Stifling heat shouldn’t be a force strong enough to make you cut your wig.

Instead we came up with some easy fixes for maintaining the length and beauty of a long wig while also keeping it off your neck and preventing heat stroke.


As real as our wigs feel, they’re still wigs; they’re not your own hair. They have caps and we must bear that in mind when putting it up or pull it back in a pony. (Of course, a pony hanging behind your neck won’t solve the heat problem.)

  • Step 1: Lean back and look up and loosely gather the hair into a pony.
  • Step 2: “Fold” the pony and wrap the extra length around the base, where your fingers are holding the pony.
  • Step 3: Exchange hands and wrap the pony rubber around the tight little bun a few times. Tight enough to hold the bun itself but loosely enough that you allow for it to “sit” lower, making room for the cap to remain flat against your head.

Pull out some front hairs to complete the casual style.

For a higher messy bun, watch this tutorial.


Finally we have the traditional braid look, upgraded. Not trying to make our users feel like adolescents, this style will keep you looking young but neat, and mature.

  • Step 1: Make two French braids beginning on the top of the head as shown here.
  • Step 2: Pull braids across and layer ends on top of each other until they create a knot or bun and pin.