Ways of Keeping Curls in a Shevy

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From Lakewood, NJ, Dena Zar sends us a question about her brand new Shevy wig; “How do I keep the curls in for longer?”

There are several aspects to take into consideration when opting for curls. To begin with, cut is super important, says Shevy Emanuel. “You can maintain length, but the wig must be layered and texturized softly so the wave will hold. Very long hair won’t hold a wave for very long. Silky straight hair obviously won’t hold as well either. While you can have a full wig the layers have to be built properly so the cut will flow and make sense. A wig that is cut well and has hair that is both wavy, yet soft, will look good even if the waves relax and the hair falls straighter. A cut that frames the face well will keep the weight of the wig from falling into the face.”
Like the popular one pictured below, the curls stay for longer in layered, shorter wigs.

Of course, the famed brand owner also mentioned there are styling products that can also help keep the wave longer and prevent the wig from getting too wide especially if the wig is long and full, so we asked colorist Dina B. Soifer to weigh in.

“A couple of things,” Dina started off. (It seems luxurious wig care is not as simple as growing hair on your own head, is it?) “Number one is that you should not blow dry your wig if you plan to curl it. Let it air dry or it’ll be too difficult to get it to then curl. Especially with Shevy’s, where you’re dealing with very fine, undamaged hair.” The instructions continue to include heat protective sprays like Dina’s favorite from the brand SexyHair (pictured below). “Last but not least, some mousse never killed anybody.”