DIY Spring’s Trendiest Hairstyles for Your Wig

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This Spring’s trending hair styles are full-on throwback, with something for everyone; from perfectly coiffed to wispy curls, Spring 2018 is alive with color and shape. Lucky for Shevy readers, we’ve compiled one of each of SS 18’s favorites with instructions on how to achieve the look on your own wigs!

A constantly recurring favorite in the world of styling, wispy tresses with bangs have been taking over since the 70s. It’s fun, it’s young, and it’s nostalgic. What more could you ask for? To get the look without compromising the quality of the wig hair, cold wash and air dry it. Add a touch of mousse-like product to enhance the curls. Our favorite ones are suggested below. Blow and style the bangs once the rest of the hair is dried, but leave the rest untouched.

Product suggestions to use on wet hair to enhance the curls without damaging the hair:
PAUL MITCHELL Flexible Style  – Super Sculpt
TECNI ART Volume Envy Extra (5)
SAPHIRA Moisturizing Curl Cream
TECNI ART Liss & Pump Up (2)
SAPHIRA Volumizer

The pixie often makes reappearances in fashion, but this popular throwback look takes a strong focus on making its wearer look more austere than the usual cutesy feel. Wear the pixie cut when stepping into a serious position or wish to appear as formidable as you no doubt are, even while paired with a soft smile.
Wait until your wig has dried before taking the iron to it. Keep your wig healthy by spraying it with a protective coat before you straighten it. Add a cross to your part for extra edge.

A permanent classic, long, flowy waves have returned with full force to be the prominent fall-back look.

If you want to keep it throwback and soft, stick with the middle part. It’s a 60s and 70s favorite. Side parts are more modern and sophisticated – not a shift the fashion world is taking in SS ‘18. Maintain this look by keeping your wig on a consistent care schedule and keeping it far away from heavy chemicals. Blow dry with cool air and pin into place on the wig head to train the hair into position. Avoid direct heat.