Be Shevy-Ready For The Holidays!


With Chanuka already here and Pesach looming, who has time to think about their wigs? To help you save time we’ve come up with a few styles we know you’ll love. The best part is? We’ve paired them with the clothing they’d go best with. So go finish up your work, go cook those meals, get those kids ready… when you’re ready to get dressed, just open this right up and follow our lead!

The Professional

While we usually try to get as fancy as possible for the holidays, many of us like the straight-jacket look throughout. Never fear, accomplishing this look is a breeze. Use either a center part or bangs for this look; center part being more fierce, bangs looking more innocent, and a standard wash and set for your straight wig. Just be sure not to curl the hair at the end when you’re blowing it down! For extra measure, run a straightener through the locks gently to make sure the ends don’t turn inwards – short curls are a whole different look! Pair this with a smart-looking dress-suit with a topper jacket and you’ll be the matron of the ball!



The Young-At-Heart

Some are of the belief that a braid is too casual, but we believe in dressing everything up. Ever heard the song “Let It Go”? (A million times over?) Well, the princess in that story wore a fishtail braid, and if it’s good enough for a princess, it’s good enough for the holidays, wouldn’t you say? To really nail the process of creating this style, you’ll want to watch it being done so we’ve attached a link to the best YouTube tutorial out there for it. Be sure to have the wig tightly secured to its head before you get started!
To illustrate our point we’re showing you brides rocking the look too!

The Graceful

Women by nature tend to exude grace, but to accentuate it, set your wig into soft waves and pair it with flowing attire. To get this look in time for Yom Tov, set your wig the day before with a curling iron set at medium temperature. To avoid damaging your wig, be sure not to leave the curling iron in for more than four seconds. “I like to stretch the hair as I pull the iron out to keep the curls from becoming too tight and looking like bottle curls.” says Gneshe Bron, former wig stylist from Monsey, NY.
Accompanying looks for this style on the holidays should be relaxed and “flowy”, as pictured below.