About us


A wig of everlasting beauty is not made, it’s hand-crafted.

For the last 25 years, Shevy has been the undisputed leader in the wig industry, offering the highest quality human hair wigs. A meticulous selection process ensures each Shevy is fashioned from the finest human hair in the world, yielding a natural glow and sophisticated character. Our experienced staff of warm and attentive hairstylists awards a premier wig shopping experience.

Our Team

Staying Ahead


In a world where fashion trends advance at a rapid pace, Shevy is at the forefront of today’s progressive times. Utilizing a harmonious blend of fashion-forward thinking and a desire to provide the best, we constantly explore new ways to provide our clients with the ultimate in the wig world, from trendsetting contemporary styles to ground-breaking innovation.



Cutting-Edge Breakthroughs

Shevy developed revolutionary techniques that make her custom wigs virtually undetectable. Hairlines are traced and replicated, textures are matched and any shade of color is perfectly reproduced. All Shevy colors are precisely blended from their slightly darker-rooted bases to the subtle streaks and shimmering highlights that create natural dimension.