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25 years later, Shevy continues its mastery.

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From charming classics to trendsetting head-turners, our wide selection of natural wigs has exactly what you’re looking for.

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Full scale salon featuring expert hairstylists and colorists.

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Want to prepare your look for the upcoming yomim tovim but don’t know where to start? Official new blog post up! Click on the link in the bio
"Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses." Madam Marie du Deffand. Agree with her sentiments?

Art by Leona Beth.

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Thank you for the submission, @chaniedachswigs , and your kind words. Could you believe this wig is 5 years old?
Like fine wine.... #itsashevy!
When it looks this good, you know it’s a Shevy 😉
Not sure what we’re more psyched for: Chanukah or the marathon. Good luck to all the Chai ...
Wash and set sound like such overused words by now. We prefer care for and determine - because we don't simply wash our quality pieces, we care for ...
Have you heard? The incredibly skilled Lieba Jacobson will be in Miami for the duration of the marathon! Coming to you all the way from Montreal, Lieba will ...
Dec 20th is looming ahead - are you running in the Miami marathon for Chai Lifeline? We want to help you reach your funding goal!
Check out our ...
The biggest benefit to having a wig will always be the effortless beauty attained as soon as it's donned, agree? Even the "casual" look is more sophisticated now, ...
Classic looks for classic women.

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